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prophet® 600 diagnostic ROM $24.95


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prophet® 600 Parts

  • #R-207 pitch/mod potentiometer $15
  • #M-357 used original control panel knobs $4
  • #L-001 original large red LED $3
  • original control panel potentiometer $20

& more parts..

  • #J-048 output jacks $20
  • #S-062 110/220vac select switch $9
  • #S-046 2 position front panel switch $9
  • White Keys $10 each, Black Keys $7
  • Keyboard contact strips $20 to $50
  • #I-66/68A50 IC $45
  • #I-414/8253 IC $25
  • #E-040 battery $15
  • #I-058/Z80 CPU IC $25
  • Fuse 110/VAC $5
  • Fuse 220VAC $5
prophet® 600

Version 8 operating software

This final version offers operation in OMNI & POLY Modes over 16 MIDI channels with program select, pitch & mod wheels, and the ability to dump program data via MIDI. It also provides a fix for the problem of NOTE ON Droning caused by exposure to running status bytes via MIDI. The Version 8 ROM is easy to install, no soldering needed. To visually confirm your Prophet's operating system version, you must open up the P600 & check the version level on the ROM's label. The highest level is "SIX-0-8". The ROM is located on the left/bottom panel PCB, near the battery (at the 5 o'clock position off the battery). The VCF cut-off frequency can also be controlled via MIDI using an auxiliary output of a Kenton MIDI-to-CV converter.

Shipping Charges

USA $12-$15


INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax

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