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$9.95 Sounds for Prophet tm 2000/2002, DPX-1, & Studio 440 samplers continued

DISK 189: Funk Bass #1
A bright, funky, picked bass with a bright slap switching in when the keys are hit harder, & a preset with a built-in slide effect switch/ velocity.
DISK 190: Jazz Bass #1
A deep Fender Precision Bass played without a pick & a slightly brighter plucked bass tone switching in when the keys are struck harder.
DISK 191: Slide Bass #1
A full, rich Fender Bass plus velocity switched slide. Hit the keys harder and you'll slide up to the note. Exceptionally realistic.
DISK 198: JX10 "Analog Symphony"
Thick 4 Oscillator analog orchestra patch. Impressively full & rich.
DISK 199: JX10 "Fat Brass"
The uniquely bold sound of full, fat JX Brass.
DISK 204: Smooth Tenor Sax with Vibrato
Here's a clear, smooth tenor sax sample with natural vibrato built-in.
DISK 203: Velocity switched Tenor Sax
A magnificent solo sax disk with expression, switching to a gritty blow with hard key hits.
DISK 205: Gritty Tenor Sax with Vibrato
Outstanding as solo or horn section. It can really scream at the high end. Great layered with #203.
DISK 206: Velocity-Switched Alto Sax
Excellent solo alto sax switching from a clear, smooth sound to a gritty sound when you hit the keys harder.
DISK 207: Smooth Alto Sax with Vibrato
A favorite mellow solo sax disk. Features a natural built-in vibrato.
DISK 210: Velocity-Switched Baritone Sax
An excellent smooth baritone sax switching to a gritty sample when you hit the keys harder.
DISK 211: Smooth Baritone Sax/Vibrato
Great solo Baritone & natural built-in vibrato.
DISK 213: Prophet tm 5 Analog Pads
The classic voltage-controlled oscillator sound of the Sequential tm Prophet tm 5. This disk is a set of warm analog backup pads, useful for a wide variety of applications.
DISK 214: Prophet tm 5 Power Pads
A bit more "bite" and punch to these pads compared to Disk 213. Great for thick comping chords.
DISK 215: Prophet tm 5 Lead Synths
Two sets of warm "Minimoog-style" solo synth samples plus a full set of preset variations for a terrific set of lead tones.
DISK 217: Prophet tm 5 Analog Basses
4 different analog synth bass samples plus variations including layered/stacked presets.

512K sound disks require 512K of sample memory to operate at peak performance. Prophets with only 256K of sample memory using 512K disks can expect significant reductions in sound quality and keyboard range. For the best & most reliable results, use only 256K sound disks with 256K Prophets.

Original SOUND DISKS for 256K PROPHET tm 2000s


* Medieval Celtic Harp: 6 octaves
* Lute: plucked, 5 octaves
* Recorders: soprano, alto, tenor, & bass
* Viols
* Renaissance Harpsichord
* Pipe Organ: 6 octaves tracker type organ
* Grand Piano I: 5 octaves of a Steinway 9' Grand
* Grand Piano II: one octave higher than G. Piano I
* DX-7: Digital Elec. Piano & Digital Slapped Bass
* Brass: Nearly 6 octaves of Trumpet & Trombone
* English Hand Bells: 6 octaves of High & Low Bells
* Dulce Melos: 14th century dulcimer, 5-octaves
* Clavichord and Krumhorns
* Appalachian Dulcimer, Irish Pipes, & Tambourine
* String Quartet: 6-octaves of violin, viola, & cello
* Baroque Harpsichord: 6-octaves of 3 strings per key
* 12-String Guitar: bright, muted, de-tuned, & layered
* Elec. 60's Set: Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Guitar
* Distortion Guitar: 6 octaves
* Orchestral Perc: Timpani & Suspended Cymbals
* Classical Guitar: 6 octaves of Plucked Nylon Strings
* Upright Piano: 6 octaves of Ragtime Honky Tonk/tacks
* Harmonium: Old Fashioned Pump Organ
* Bass Tuba & Plucked Tenor Banjo: Split keyboard
* Strummed Bright Autoharp & Solo Irish Tin Whistle
* Soft Autoharp
* Combo Organs: Bright, Mellow, & Percussion
* Dulcimer II: 6 octaves of plucked notes
* Vielle: 12-century five-stringed Medieval Fiddle
* Rebec: Ancient Greek bowed lute
* Spinet Piano: Soft Acoustic Piano
* Soft Grand Piano
* Bright Grand Piano
* Drawbar Organs

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