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Prophet VS PARTS & Manuals
  • SEQUENTIAL Prophet VS keyboard brochures $9.95 each.
    Original sales brochures in full color... available while supplies last.
  • Prophet VS technical service manual $29.95 each
    Includes all schematics, service procedures, & diagnostic commands
  • Prophet VS #R-248 original data slider $23.95 each.
  • Critical part!
  • #M-522 original data slider knob SOLD OUT
  • #I-353/CEM5510 ten channel sample & hold IC CALL FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY
    A Prophet VS uses four of these specialized high speed ICs.
  • #I-361/CEM3389 low noise signal processor VCF/VCA IC CALL FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY
  • A Prophet VS uses eight of these specialized ICs, one per voice.
  • #I-356/CEM5530 sample & hold IC CALL FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY

Prophet   VS Parts Prophet   VS Spare Parts
  • Black screws/housing $1 each
  • Prophet VS Fuses $4 each 
  • VS keyboard front panel switch $10
  • VS rackmount front panel switch $5 
  • #M-396 control panel knob SOLD OUT
  • #I-073/6116 S RAM IC $15 each
  • #/b black keys $7 each
  • #A-G white keys $40 each
  • #J-090 stereo audio jack $15 each
  • #J-100 mono audio jack $9 each
  • #E-40 back-up battery $15 each


  • #E-179 transformer $24
  • #E-198 audio relay $55 
  • #I-060/68B50 UART $45
  • #I-077 main. CPU $55
  • #I-359/CEM3365 VCA CALL
  • #I-517 DAC/6012 $45
  • #L-017 LCD inverter $45
  • LCD backlighted power cables $3
  • #I-625 Voice IC $25
  • Front Panel Switch without LED (Blue or Black) $5
  • 40- Pin Ribbon Cable with Connector $20


             SOLD OUT  SOLD OUT  SOLD OUT 
#R-250 Joystick
I-626 Keyboard controller
L-022 backlighted LCD

 Supplies Limited to parts on-hand

Shipping Charges

USA  $10


INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $60

California Residents must add 8.75% Sales Tax

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