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In 1977, Sequential Circuits was formed to design & build accessories for the popular synthesizers of the day. The company's first attempt at a stand alone keyboard synthesizer was the legendary Prophet -5 released in 1978. The company grew to become a giant force and major influence in the design and manufacture of electronic keyboards.
After experiencing several years of declining sales, Sequential Circuits ceased to exist as an independent American manufacturer of cutting edge synthesizers, samplers, & drum machines in December of 1987.
Sequential's financial condition in 1987 prompted a small group of ex-Sequential employees to form Wine Country Productions in an effort to provide after market support for all Sequential Circuits ™ products. In 1988, Wine Country Productions acquired the entire remaining Sequential stock, technical documentation, software, and spare parts. Since 1987, Wine Country Productions Inc. has provided spare parts, technical service, and operational support for the entire line of Sequential Circuits instruments every single day. This experience, combined with our years as Sequential employees, simply means we know the Prophets, or any Sequential product better than anyone on this planet.
Wine Country Productions Inc. specializes in the restoration of Sequential Prophets. Spare parts currently available are published in this website. Please feel free to copy & distribute those pages listing parts in the Web Site. For more information, CALL or WRITE with a request for a specific part, & include your current email or postal mailing address.


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